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4x4 Accessories In Albury | TJM Equipped
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4WD on a Field — 4x4 Accessories in Albury, NSW


TJM is your trusted seller of TJM 4WD and camping accessories. We can help you choose the ideal product for your needs and also install it on your vehicle. Here you’ll see our answers to frequently asked questions about our services.
Why should I shop for gear at TJM?
TJM is set apart from major stores in the area because of our attention to detail and our reasonable prices. Not only do we keep a stock of a diverse range of 4WD and camping accessories, but everyone who works here is an enthusiast. You’ll be treated to detailed knowledge of what products can help you on your next trip and we have installation service on-site.
Can you install my accessories for me?
Do you offer any discounts?
I’ve never been on an off-roading trip. Can you advise me on what gear I’ll need?
How high can I pile items on my roof rack?
How can I tell if I need new suspension for my 4WD?