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4x4 Accessories In Albury | TJM Equipped
Improve your 4WD at TJM

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4WD — TJM 4x4 Products & Accessories in Albury, NSW

4WD Camping & Towing Products in Albury

TJM is your trusted supplier of camping and off-roading accessories in Albury, Wodonga, Lavington, Corowa and Wangaratta.

We sell a diverse range of 4WD, off-roading, camping, and towing gear that you may find useful in your next big bush adventure. On the off chance that a product you need is not in stock, we will order it for you and have it here in a couple of days.
Here is an overview of the products you’ll find at TJM Equipped:

Battery Management

Ensure your battery is always charged and operating at optimal capacity.

Bull Bars

Ensure your vehicle is protected while driving in remote areas.
Bush Kits

Bush Kits

Stabilize your vehicle with our superior Bush Kits.

Camping Gear

Hit the outdoors with the proper tents & other gear to remain safe.


Invest in an extra cover for the back of your ute.


Adjust tyre pressure on the fly as you go from mountainous terrain to flatlands.

Diff Locks

Reduce damage to your car & enjoy better traction in poor conditions.

Drawer Systems

Invest in a drawer to keep accessories organised in your vehicle.
Driver's license

Drive Performance

Improve the performance of your 4WD in all conditions.

Driver Training

Get more enjoyment from your 4WD by improving your driving skills.


You need a source of power when you are out in the wild.

Exterior Accessories

Invest in mirrors, dash mats, mud flaps, & other accessories.


Reduce mud splatter with our fibreglass, rubber or deluxe flares.

Floor Mats

Ensure your interior is flawless & tidy with top quality mats.
Interior accessories

Interior Accessories

From Floor Mats to Storage Bins-get organised and be more comfortable.
Jerry can

Jerry Cans

Storage options for Petrol, Diesel and for Water.


Improve visibility in hazardous conditions with our driving lights.


Communication options for your vehicle

Rear Protection

Ensure the rear of your vehicle is not damaged when going off-road.

Recovery Equipment

Invest in Max Trax winches & straps or TRED recovery devices.

Roof Racks

Organise your gear with a 4WD-compatible roof rack.

Roof Top Tents

Annexed Accommodation options for your 4WD.
Shock Absorbers

Shock Absorbers

Ensure maximum comfort for you and your vehicle.

Side Bars

Keep the side of your 4WD fully protected with a sidebar.
Sleeping bag


to help you get a good nights rest when you are out and about.


Invest in aftermarket snorkels for your 4WD vehicle.


Stay safe & ride in comfort while driving or towing with new suspension.

Tool Boxes & Storage

Keep all your tools in safe & easy-to-access storage.

Tyre Repair

Keep a spare tyre in a safe place in case you get a puncture or blowout.

Underbody Protection

Equip your vehicle with underbody protection for your sump & gearbox.


Get your 4WD out of a jam with an electric winch & vehicle recovery system.